About us

Linburg Engineering (Pty) Ltd

We specialise in white metal lined bearings

Linburg Engineering (Pty) Ltd was founded by Hannes Lindeque and Billy Smit in 2001.

Linburg Engineering (Pty) Ltd is situated on the East Rand, and specialises in the repair and manufacture of all white metal lined bearings for all industries.


For over a decade Linburg Engineering (Pty) Ltd has been providing white metal lined bearing solutions to the rotating world. Our experts have solved many bearing issues by repair, re-design, manufacturing and supplying bearings to a wide variety of industries.

Linburg Engineering has a flexible management and workforce, ideally suited to both batch production and the "one-off". The company prides itself on its reputation for reacting quickly to the emergency situation so often encountered in today's industrial environment. Linburg Engineering (Pty) Ltd offers a full spectrum of engineering services, from engineering assistance to the OEMs with new designs, to supporting the end users in the field with existing equipment.

At Linburg Engineering (Pty) Ltd our engineers use the latest in 3D CAD systems, finite element analysis and bearing performance predicted software. The 3D modelling software is used to produce 3D models, from which CNC machine code and 2 dimensional manufacture drawings are produced.

Being equipped with a CNC coordinate measuring machine (CMM), enables extremely accurate measurements to be taken during re-engineering of existing components. Components can be re-engineered to an exact duplicate of a machine part or if required, modified for improved performance characteristics.